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Welcome to Net Partner (formerly FASTS)- Goucher's financial aid system 


  • Check the status of your financial aid application
  • View your financial aid awards 
  • Accept or decline awards using the Accept Awards located on menu dropdown and Submit
  • View Documents located on menu dropdown to view documents received and those still outstanding 
  • Review Messages pertinent to your financial aid award
  • Check the status of your awards, disbursements, student loans and lifetime awards

A complete financial aid application consists of a valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for all undergraduate applicants for admission who are interested in receiving need-based financial aid and for current undergraduates who are interested in receiving need-based financial aid or a Federal PLUS loan.  The FAFSA will need to be completed annually.


  • Students selected for Federal verification should check the Documents menu dropdown for additonal form requirements. Please submit missing documents at your earliest convenience. Keep a copy for your records.
  • All students are responsible for accessing their financial aid information through this website.


Log In Instructions


Use the LOG IN BOX below.  

Then choose, FIRST TIME USER within the LOG IN BOX.  Do not type your Goucher ID before choosing First-Time User.

Insert your Goucher ID. Your nine-digit Goucher student ID is the nine-digit number on financial aid correspondence or your Goucher One-Card.  

You will now be prompted to Activate Your Account by entering the nine-digit Goucher ID. Once there, you will verify your Goucher ID and choose security questions from the dropdown arrows using two different security questions.

You will then be prompted to choose a password chosen by you as a First Time user when creating a Net Partner account.  

After completing your password information, review Site Terms and Conditions, check if you agree to terms and Submit.


If you have visited Net Partner on a prior occasion you are a returning user.  If you have forgotten or miplaced your password, it can be reset by contacting our office by email